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Mon Dec 30 00:00:04 EST 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 29-Dec-2002 10:43 GMT (Sunday) ::

A few more clients are now available on the pre-release page:

* dnetc478-netbsd-sparc
* dnetc478-aix-powerandppc
* dnetc478b-ps2linux-mipsel
* dnetc478-aix4.3-power
* dnetc478-linux-s390x
* dnetc478-linux-s390
* dnetc478-linux-s390-z
* dnetc478-solaris-sparc

And a new build of the personal proxy for a few platforms are also
available on the pre-release page (hopefully this will be the last
build number increment before general availability of the proxy):

* proxyper333-win32-x86
* proxyper333-linux-x86
* proxyper333-linux-x86-glibc21
* proxyper333-freebsd-x86

Remember that the files available in the pre-release directory are
intended for limited use by people who are willing to help us test
them before they are announced for general availability.  People who
test them must be willing to watch their machines carefully after
installing them (to notice/report anomalous behavior).

bovine :: 29-Dec-2002 20:30 GMT (Sunday) ::

The keymaster is going to be resuming distribution of some of the old
OGR-24 stubs that never got enough redundancy on our network.  So if
you have clients that are configured to run OGR you'll notice some of
these stubs eventually coming your way.

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