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decibel :: 10-Jan-2002 22:37 (Thursday) ::

Good news! We found the problem that was causing Sybase to crash. It was
a FreeTDS misconfiguration.

There is now only one obstacle preventing us from fully utilizing blower's
capability: we can't get multiple Sybase engines to run.

Running more than one engine results in random connections periodically
hanging for long periods of time (60+ seconds). Whenever this happens, we
get 'ninit: set process group xxxxx, no such process'. Also, attempting
to dump/backup the database would result in Sybase just hanging (backups
work fine with a single engine, though)

This is Sybase 11.0.3 running on FreeBSD 4.4. We've tried the suggestions
in http://lists.openresources.com/FreeBSD/freebsd-database/msg00062.html,
to no avail.

If anyone's been able to get multiple engines running under FreeBSD, advice
would be much appreciated! }:8)

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