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Fri Jun 21 01:00:02 EDT 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 20-Jun-2002 00:23 CDT (Thursday) ::

The last several rc5 stats-runs have died due to a deadlock on the email
ranking table. To work around this problem, I've changed several stats pages
so that they will read uncommitted data. This will result in the possibility
of some odd numbers being displayed during the stats runs. So if you see odd
behavior, just wait a few minutes and refresh, it will probably go away.

On a related note, stats are slowly getting caught up. The rc5 run for the 17th
is almost done, and we should be caught up completely in two days.

decibel :: 20-Jun-2002 12:08 CDT (Thursday) ::

Sybase is unhappy right now so I'm removing some stats pages to try and

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