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Wed May 22 01:00:04 EDT 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 21-May-2002 09:40 CDT (Tuesday) ::

I have stats turned off right now. The RC5 run was going very slowly and
wouldn't have finished today. This might be due to people page-scraping, but
I'm not sure (6 IP's account for 22% of the last 500,000 web requests). After
the statsrun is done I'll restart Sybase and see if that helps.

decibel :: 21-May-2002 16:07 CDT (Tuesday) ::

Stats are back on again, after a Sybase restart, and things appear to be back
to normal. I have firewalled the 6 IP's that were causing the most load, but
I'll probably remove the ban soon, depending on how it affects load. While I
would like to support those who want to play with the stats data in a more raw
form, it's not fair to all the other users if they're noticeably slowing things
down for everyone else.

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