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decibel :: 04-Oct-2002 16:43 CDT (Friday) ::

This hasn't been a fun week in stats-land, as many of you can probably tell.

I started copying the rc5 data. At first, I did all of 1997 with no problem. I
tried doing 1998 the same way, but the database transaction log filled up, so I
went to copying each day instead. Somewhere around January of 1999 it started
getting rather slow. It was taking nearly 10 minutes to copy a single day by
the time it hit Sept. 9, 1999, so I pulled the plug on that and decided to bcp
the data instead.

Things went downhill from there. First there were some problems with the BCP,
which I didn't notice until it was loaded into the main table, so I had to
delete everything I just added. That finished last night (as well as finishing
a wayward OGR run). This morning, after grabbing a second backup of the most
critical tables, I started bcping the data that I had checked to make sure it
was valid into the main table again.

A while later (after the BCP had run it's course), Bruce noticed that what I
had just imported was an exact duplicate of the existing RC5 data... including
the wrong project ID.

So, I'm now in the process of blowing away all the bad data from the main
table. After that's done, I'll have to import two copies of it.

The good news is that should be done sometime tomorrow, barring further
screw-ups. The bad news is that there won't be any OGR updates until this is
taken care of.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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