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bovine :: 26-Sep-2002 16:08 GMT (Thursday) ::

Yup it's true, RC5-64 is done.  And here's some Perl code in case
you'd like to verify the solution yourself on your own machine.  This
requires Perl 5.6 or higher.


(I'm temporarily providing a modified version of RC5.pm from the CPAN
module Crypt::RC5 until the author is able to make the next release of
it available with these modifications.)

nugget :: 26-Sep-2002 14:16 CDT (Thursday) ::

Anyone in or near Austin, TX might want to consider crashing our informal
rc5 celebration and nuclear taco festival this evening.  Email for details.


dbaker :: 26-Sep-2002 21:25 GMT (Thursday) ::


Getting back to business here, we are seeing a few known bugs surface with some
existing clients older than build 465, which was released in early 2001.

As many of you have noticed, we have shut down the rc564 contest on the key
servers, so clients are unable to fetch/flush blocks to them. As a result, this
bug may cause them to not shut down properly when there is no more work to do
in the available contests. We would like to request that everyone check on all
possible clients and either upgrade them to builds >= 465, or uninstall them.
Additionally, clients that are configured to use rc5 only should either be
enabled to also run ogr, or uninstalled.

In the coming weeks, distributed.net will be releasing some new clients
and exciting new projects, so look forward to that and keep watching
www.distributed.net for more news and software downloads.

Thanks again for your support, everyone. RC5-64 was an incredible effort.


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