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distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

coffee :: 27-Sep-2002 00:02 GMT (Friday) ::


We have seen some version 463 clients repeatedly connecting to the network,
if you have one of these clients could you please send me a copy of your
.ini, binary, and any logs or scripts that you have running the client to
coffeeman at coffeeman.ca or coffee at distributed.net

Thank you ]:8)

coffee :: 27-Sep-2002 02:32 GMT (Friday) ::

Moo again!

Thanks to jvonholdt at satx.rr.com I've been able to track down a "bad" version of
the client.

We found the version v2.8010-463-CTR-00071214 for Win32 to have a problem when
RC5 is disabled. What happens is it gets the data from the proxy, finds out it
is closed and shuts down, but if you have OGR disabled it will load back up and
start connecting again. When I was testing the client would re-connect about
every 2 seconds to the proxies, or as long as it takes for the client to shut
down and start back up again.

As you can well imagine, this is putting some strain on our proxy network which
is run on donated bandwidth, and we do not really want to make these donors
angry :) Also, several people have reported added strain on personal proxies.
In addition some people have experienced difficulties reaching certain proxies
with OGR work, if this is the case for you, please just continue trying.

We are currently working on a solution right now that would work at the proxy
level, but What I'd ask you all to do is take a moment and please check if
you've disabled OGR by typing a line something along the lines of:

[misc] project-priority=DES,CSC,OGR=0,RC5

into your client's dnetc.ini, regardless of version as RC5-64 is closed, and
RC5-72 is going to need a new client. Should you not wish to work on OGR at
this time, we reccomend that you un-install the client. You can see a sample
log of exactly what happens at http://www.coffeeman.ca/dlog.log

If you have another version of the client (i.e. pre 462 or a non-windows 462)
can I get a copy of the client from you, as well as your settings still?

Thank you again everyone for donating your cycles over the years, and visit us
on slashnet this weekend!

decibel :: 26-Sep-2002 21:55 CDT (Thursday) ::

Now that it's safe to do so without tipping the whole world off to RC5 being
completed (you DO know it's completed, right?), I've started removing all
the work since July 14th from stats. Things will look a bit odd until this
process is complete, which will be some time tonight. I'm going to leave the
stats up at least for a while, since everyone is busy looking at what we've
accomplished. Expect final stats sometime in the morning.


decibel :: 27-Sep-2002 02:22 CDT (Friday) ::

Stats are back on, and I'm going to run 7/14 now. Everything should be back to
normal in a few hours.

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