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Tue Apr 22 01:00:03 EDT 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 21-Apr-2003 02:40 GMT (Monday) ::

As Accipiter mentioned in his plan a few days ago, we have just
launched a redesign of our website that is up-to-date with modern
web-design standards.  We've tried to keep the appearance relatively
close to the style of the old website, so you might not even notice
any difference if you're not looking carefully enough.

Optimal viewing of our website now requires the use of a modern
web-browser that honors CSS, which means that Netscape Navigator 4.x
is out.  We've also taken this opportunity to synchronize the content
on some of our foreign-language translation pages.

There have also been a lot of URL changes due both in part to the
conversion to PHP and the reorganization of certain redundant pages.
Where possible, we've tried to put redirects in place to allow the
majority of traffic continue to reach the page that was originally
being requested.  If you have bookmarks or pages that link to our
website, you might want to take this opportunity to update them and
possibly remove links to pages that no longer exist.

Similar updates to our stats site and n0cgi will probably be done
gradually and independently over the following few weeks as time is
available.  If you notice any problems with specific webpages on our
site, feel free to send an email to bovine at distributed.net or open a
bug in our bugzilla database.

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