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Thu Aug 14 01:00:03 EDT 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 13-Aug-2003 17:34 CDT (Wednesday) ::

Everybody wish a happy 21st birthday to dbaker at distributed.net, our
favorite scapegoat!

There are a couple of new release candidate clients for NeXT and
Digital Unix on the pre-release page.  One of the earlier release
candidate clients for Digital Unix was also moved onto the formal
download page.

An updated round of personal proxies will probably begin to be made
available in the next week or so.

You may notice some more OGR24 stubs circulating out every now and
then.  There's only a few percent of the stubspace remaining, so we
hope to be able to get it finished up soon.

We're also very close to finishing distribution of the second RC5-72
subspace (out of 4096).  The block return rates have been 80.50% and
67.52% so far for the two.

We'd also like to ask everyone to check their machines with older
clients and be sure a version higher than v2.8014 is being run
(v2.8015 was released around May 2001).  Although OGR results from
these older clients are currently still being accepted, they have
diminished mathematical value to us.  Additionally, a large majority
of traffic that we are continuing to get from those old versions
represent unauthorized worm deployments of our client.  Because of
these reasons, in the next couple of weeks we may begin blocking
traffic from these older versions and instructing them to shut down.
If you still have machines running one of these older clients when
this is done, it may cease running and contributing to your stats.

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