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Sat Aug 30 01:00:04 EDT 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 28-Aug-2003 20:00 CDT (Thursday) ::

The RC5-72 statsrun bombed; I'm going to have to re-load today's data, so
expect stats to be a bit late.

decibel :: 28-Aug-2003 21:41 CDT (Thursday) ::

The problems with stats are more serious than I thought. The table that stores
how much work each email address did on each day no longer matches the other
tables. I know that sounds rather serious, but that information can always
be re-created from the log files if it comes to that. I'm in the process of
loading in a backup copy of that table; hopefully it will allow me to fix this
with a minimum of downtime.

More info when available...

bovine :: 29-Aug-2003 00:38 CDT (Friday) ::

I've added a couple new clients on the pre-release page (NeXT and
NetBSD) and moved two earlier NeXT clients onto the release page.

There have also been a couple of reports of unauthorized client
installations in combination with a root kit, so I've added another
entry to: http://www.distributed.net/trojans.php

Naturally this type of behavior is very unacceptable and causes a
great amount of effort for those who need to rebuild machines that
have been compromised in this way.  So please restrain yourself to
only running out client on machines that you have proper authorization
and permission to do so on.

In other news, as of this weekend the keymaster is now filtering old
OGR blocks from clients from version v2.8014 or earlier (as per my
previous plan).

decibel :: 29-Aug-2003 02:40 CDT (Friday) ::

RC5 stats are still wrong, but I've turned access back on. Hopefully I'll have
it fixed tomorrow.

decibel :: 29-Aug-2003 11:45 CDT (Friday) ::

As I feared, the Sybase stats database is corrupt. I have copies of all
participant data (team membership, retires, team and participant settings) as
of ~8/29/03 0:00 UTC. If I have to restore using this data, any changes people
made last night will be lost. I'm still trying to find a way to at least read
from the corrupt database, since only one table is corrupt. If I can do this,
no data will be lost during the restore.

Unfortunately, no matter which route I take, stats will be down for most of
today at a minimum.

More info as available.

decibel :: 29-Aug-2003 15:59 CDT (Friday) ::

Looks like all the trouble is being caused by hardware issues. Moose is working
on getting blower up and running again, at which point I'll have a better idea
what's left to be done.

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