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Sun Aug 31 01:00:04 EDT 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 29-Aug-2003 20:09 CDT (Friday) ::

Blower is up and running again; apparently it died because the raid controller
freaked out after a disk failure. I'm still hoping to recover any data that was
modified last night, but if that doesn't happen soon I'll just go with what we

decibel :: 29-Aug-2003 23:58 CDT (Friday) ::

MattR was able to get the database online again, so I now have copies of the 3
tables. This means that no data should end up lost out of all of this.

There are 3 options we have right now. First, we can attempt to repair the
existing stats database. MattR's attempting this right now. The second option
is to drop the existing database, restore from the July 12th backup, and bring
in the updated information. The third option is for us to cut-over to stats
running on PostgreSQL, which is 95% done right now.

I'm playing it a bit by ear before deciding which way to go. Going to
PostgreSQL is very tempting, since we'll need to do it in the near future
anyway, but I don't like the idea of going to production when it's not complete
and hasn't been beta-tested.

Whatever happens, stats definitely won't be up until tomorrow afternoon at the
very earliest.

decibel :: 30-Aug-2003 00:03 CDT (Saturday) ::

I just talked with MattR; he's not going to be able to recover the existing
database. We'll be restoring from a backup as soon as it's done bunzipping.

decibel :: 30-Aug-2003 13:21 CDT (Saturday) ::

Quick update...

Sybase is up and running again, but with month-old data. Sybase's BCP routine
doesn't handle embedded delimiter characters very well, so I'm a bit uneasy
about trusting the data pulled out of the corrupted database, especially for
loading in a month of changes impacting 2600 participants.

Because of this, I'm concentrating on getting the data loaded into PostgreSQL,
since there should be very few changes (the data is PostgreSQL is only a few
hours older than when I shut down stats).

In any case, progress is being made and we're much closer to working stats now
than we were yesterday.

decibel :: 30-Aug-2003 18:04 CDT (Saturday) ::

The PostgreSQL copy of stats is up-to-date now, although it does need to
process August. The HTML side still needs to be setup, which paul will work on
in 10 hours or so (it's midnight his time right now).

Unfortunately this means another day without stats, but I'm really
uncomfortable with trying to get data back into Sybase properly. There might
be some information that has been lost going into PostgreSQL, but it should
only be some changes that were made in a window of about 8 hours. The Sybase
database is currently 6 weeks out of date, so there's much more room for

While paul is getting the HTML stuff setup there might be periods where you can
not get to any stats web pages at all. Don't worry, this is just him working on

I want to thank everyone for their patience; the end is in sight.

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