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Fri Jan 10 00:00:03 EST 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

nerf :: 09-Jan-2003 18:57 GMT (Thursday) ::

CalicoJak has been kind enough to update a little calculator tool from
the rc5-64 days.  For a given CPU, it gives estimates on the number
of blocks per day and week you should do for RC5, as well as your expected
OGR rate.

Check http://www.distributed.net/~nerf/rc5calc.html for all the fun.

Keep in mind that these are very rough estimates and will likely
change as cores get updated.

Stop in to #distributed on irc.distributed.net and says thanks to CalicoJak.

bovine :: 09-Jan-2003 23:48 GMT (Thursday) ::

The network to one of our two webservers was unavailable for about 2.5
hours earlier this morning, but connectivity has been restored now.

Additionally (but unrelated), one of our U.S. keyservers was partially
inaccessible for a few days and was finally able to flush a large
number of blocks that had been sent to it, so there was a slight
keyrate spike today as well.

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