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Wed Jan 22 00:00:03 EST 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 21-Jan-2003 04:24 GMT (Tuesday) ::

--- Official releases ---

These release-candidate personal proxies were formally moved to the
official release page:

* proxyper332-macosx-ppc.tar.gz
* proxyper333-freebsd-x86.tar.gz
* proxyper333-linux-x86-glibc21.tar.gz
* proxyper333-linux-x86.tar.gz
* proxyper333-os2-x86.zip
* proxyper333-win32-x86.zip

This personal proxy existed on the official release page for a very
short time, but was revoked due to improper SIGIO handling.  A
replacement build 334 has been put on the pre-release page (see

* proxyper333-solaris26-sparc.tar.gz

--- Pre-releases (release candidates) ---

These pre-release x86 clients were available on the pre-release page
for a very short time, but were revoked due to suspected problems with
the new x86 assembly core introduced in that build:

* dnetc479-netbsd-i386-elf.tar.gz
* dnetc479-bsdos4-x86-elf.tar.gz
* dnetc479-bsdos2-x86-aout.tar.gz

These pre-release AmigaOS clients were revoked due to a bug and
replaced by new 479b versions (upgrade to the new version if you
were running an old release candidate):

* dnetc479-amigaos-68k.lha
* dnetc479-amigaos-ppc-pup.lha
* dnetc479-amigaos-ppc-wos.lha

These new release candidate proxies and clients were just added to the
pre-release page:

* proxyper334-solaris26-sparc.tar.gz
* proxyper333-linux-alpha.tar.gz
* dnetc478d-os2-x86.zip
* dnetc478-linux-sh4.tar.gz
* dnetc479-linux-alpha4.tar.gz
* dnetc479-openbsd-sparc-aout.tar.gz
* dnetc479-hpux1020-hppa11.tar.gz
* dnetc479-hpux1020-hppa11-nonmt.tar.gz

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