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decibel :: 27-Jan-2003 22:25 CST (Monday) ::

It's come to our attention that some wise individual decided that
blower.distributed.net (the stats machine) belongs on an email blacklist,
presumably because they think it generates spam. If you click the 'mail me my
password' button on your stats page and don't get an email with your password
in it, it's probably because your ISP is using whatever blacklist we're on.

If anyone finds out what blacklist blower is listed on, please email
help at distributed.net with the information and we'll see if we can
get the listing removed. Note that there are several blacklists that
have decided to blacklist entire major Network Service Providers.
http://www.five-ten-sg.com/blackhole.php?ip= is one
example. They've blacklisted all of Qwest's IPs, and since blower's network
connection is via Qwest, blower is blacklisted as well. Because of the nature
of this list, you should contact your ISP and tell them to either white-list
blower, or not to use that blackhole list. That page even states that that
blacklist isn't intended for public use:

"If some mail server is rejecting your email based on the above listing, ask
them to either white-list your address or to stop using this list. I don't know
who is using blackholes.five-ten-sg.com to block email - it is my personal list
used to protect my personal mail servers (and my clients). I make it public so
that anyone who has mail rejected here can find out why it was rejected."

nerf :: 28-Jan-2003 06:56 GMT (Tuesday) ::

The query that does the main import for the OGR verification is causing
the postgres process to die.  This obviously hampers development quite
a bit.

I'm currently in contact with one of the dev-team for postgreSQL, so
hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly and we can tell you how far
along in OGR we are.

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