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Sun Mar 9 00:00:03 EST 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 08-Mar-2003 10:59 GMT (Saturday) ::

Many new clients for various platforms have been put on both the
release and prerelease pages.  Two personal proxies have also moved
from the prerelease page to the formal release page.

You can look at the Updates page to see a list of the official client
releases by date: http://www1.distributed.net/download/updates.html

Experienced MacOS X users might be interested in helping test the
current prerelease Mac client as it includes some very dramatic rc5-72
altivec speed increases, making it faster than rc5-64 was for some.
The prerelease clients for other platforms may also have slight speed
increases over previous versions as well.

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