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Tue Mar 18 00:00:04 EST 2003

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decibel :: 16-Mar-2003 18:02 CST (Sunday) ::

A rather serious bug regarding team joins has been found in stats
(http://n0cgi.distributed.net/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=3182). In a nutshell, any
work you submit on the day you join a team will not be credited to that team.
This also means that if you weren't on a team and join one, the work for that
day will not be credited to that team.

I'm going to do tomorrow's statsrun by hand in the hope that I can track
down what's causing this. This means you can expect tomorrow's stats to be
late. Additionally, I will at some point correct the database to reflect what
should have happened in the first place. This will probably change a few team
rankings, but I don't expect it to be major, and more importantly, this means
that the data will reflect what should have happened and that everything in the
database will be in sync again.

More info once I figure out what's actually broken.

decibel :: 16-Mar-2003 18:16 CST (Sunday) ::

Ok, I might actually work on stats tonight, even though I should be working on
my resume (anyone need a database architect in Austin, TX?). I'm going to put
the statsrun on hold for right now.

decibel :: 16-Mar-2003 18:49 CST (Sunday) ::

Looks like the teamjoin code (in fact, sybase itself) was using CST and not
GMT. I've fixed that problem; I'm going to see if it fixes the team join issue.

bovine :: 17-Mar-2003 22:58 GMT (Monday) ::

A number of new clients are now available on the pre-release page:

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