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Tue May 27 01:00:03 EDT 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 25-May-2003 22:30 CDT (Sunday) ::

Several new clients have transitioned from the pre-release page to the
official download page.  You can check out the list of newly available
clients on http://www.distributed.net/download/updates.php

Additionally, some new pre-release clients have also been made
available for early testing on our pre-release download page:

Some users have reported that the latest McAfee anti-virus 4266 DAT
file update inappropriately classifies dnetc.com as being a trojan.
We have already contacted them about this issue but we are still
awaiting their response on this matter.

Just another warning that full conversion of the rest of our mailing
lists (including rc5@, proxyper@, and announce@) from majordomo to
mailman will be occurring very soon.  There is no need to be alarmed
when you receive an email welcoming your subscription to a list that
you already thought you belonged to.

gregh :: 26-May-2003 02:15 CDT (Monday) ::

Recently I have been working on some of the international language support on
the distributed.net home page. Along with some minor changes to the navigation
for all languages, I have also begun translating the web pages to Esperanto
(Esperanto is an international language invented in the 1880s that is now
spoken by millions of people in all countries around the world). If you
know Esperanto, feedback would be most appreciated - I've only just started

Many thanks to Russ Williams for helping with some of the Esperanto

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