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Tue Nov 18 19:00:03 EST 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 18-Nov-2003 01:01 CST (Tuesday) ::

I'm finally adding RI between the main history table and other tables.
Unfortunately, I have to disable phistory while this is happening. I should be
able to turn it back on in the morning.

decibel :: 18-Nov-2003 02:03 CST (Tuesday) ::

Turns out that queries against the team table are locked out while this RI is
being added. Rather than take the site down while this is going on, I've hacked
up the PHP a bit to set a database query timeout and to display a crude error
message when a database error occurs. I don't really know how to get rid of
the inaccurate error messages (such as 'team not found'; your team is still
there, you just can't see it right now). Hopefully the database error text
makes people realize this is a temporary issue.

I know this is an ugly hack of a solution; anyone so inclined is welcome to
submit a patch to any of the stats bugs (there's already one open about the
error reporting). If you're really adventurous, figure out how to modify
PostgreSQL so that adding RI doesn't block all table access. ;)

decibel :: 18-Nov-2003 09:45 CST (Tuesday) ::

Looks like I was a bit too clever when I partitioned blower and now it's biting
me in the butt (though I hadn't anticipated 2 20G databases sharing the same

Anyway, I'm moving the OGR verification database to a different partition. I
don't know how long it'll take; I'm guessing an hour. PostgreSQL has to stay
down while I'm doing this, and that means stats has to be down as well. I'll
have it back up ASAP.

bovine :: 18-Nov-2003 13:58 CST (Tuesday) ::

There are a few new clients on the pre-release page since my last plan
entry including: Mac OS X, OpenBSD/x86, VMS/Alpha, and the first two
clients for AMD's x86_64 architecture (Linux/x86_64 and FreeBSD/x86_64).
As always, please give reports of any problems in our Bugzilla.

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