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Wed Nov 19 19:00:03 EST 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 19-Nov-2003 15:26 CST (Wednesday) ::

Teams are now renumbered. Next up: team creation!

decibel :: 19-Nov-2003 16:00 CST (Wednesday) ::

Team creation is turned on. :)

The last thing to do is turn on retires. This can't happen until we can test it
on a non-stats database, and this is where you can help!

You can find the stats code-base at http://distributed.net/~decibel/stats.tar.gz
Grab a copy and install it on a box with PostgreSQL. Run
stats-sql/build/build.sh to install the database on your PGSQL server. Point
the config at a set of pproxy logfiles (you'll need to be using daily or hourly
rotation) and get the statsrun to work. :)

Obviously it's not that easy, otherwise we'd have done it by now. We're looking
for help to first document the process, then make it less painful. I don't
think there's any huge surprises or gotchas; anyone who can read Perl can
probably figure things out (but I've been working with this code for years, so
I'm probably not a good judge of that ;) ).

If you do decide to help, please join the stats-dev mailing list; submit
questions, findings, patches, etc. there.

Now that we're using tools that are readily available to everyone, I hope
that people will come forward and help tackle the bugs in bugzilla as well
as implement new features. There's certainly things that we're working on
internally too (such as using GUIDs as user identifiers instead of email
addresses), but I'm sure everyone knows how slow our development can be at
times. Hopefully many hands will make light work and we can move on to fun
stuff like subteams. :)

decibel :: 19-Nov-2003 17:21 CST (Wednesday) ::

Sorry, that url should be http://distributed.net/~decibel/stats.tar.gz

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