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thejet :: 22-Oct-2003 21:11 CDT (Wednesday) ::

Evening everyone,
  I am pleased to announce that we have re-enabled
large portions of the stats system this evening.  As
a result the following functions are again available
through the stats website:

  <li>Participant Password Mailing</li>
  <li>Participant Edits</li>

  <b>NOTE: The authentication for participant edits
has changed slightly.  You are now required to enter
your participant id in the "Username" field when/if
you are prompted for your username/password.</b>

  That leaves only two major pieces of functionality
remaining to complete the PGSQL migration.  Team joins
are in process and almost complete, Participant retires
is not quite as far along, but the hard parts are mostly
done.  I would expect to see these two bits appear before
the end of next week.

  A number of other bugs have been squashed and there
are new versions of a number of the pages available.  Please
do not hesitate to report any new bugs that you find by
utilizing the "bug database" link at the top of the stats

  Thanks again to everyone for their patience, and keep
on crunching!

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