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Sun Sep 7 01:00:03 EDT 2003

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 06-Sep-2003 16:51 CDT (Saturday) ::

Just a few notes about ongoing maintenance:

- http://cvs.distributed.net/ has been upgraded to use ViewCVS instead
  of CVSWeb.  This fixes a number of bugs (such as annotate not
  working) and offers new functionality, such as cvsgraph imaging.

- Last week the fetch@ and flush@ email block services were updated to
  filter their inputs through SpamAssassin and make use of some
  procmail filters to allow a bulk of the spam/worm messages to be
  ignored.  This should hopefully reduce the amount of emails that
  random people have been seeing due to forged "From" headers.

- Last week, unfortunately also due to increased spam/worm mails, the
  help@ address was updated to no longer automatically pass messages
  through to the help desk mailbox.  Upon mailing that address, you
  will receive a reply that includes some common answers, and a
  description of where you should send your message if you have a
  question that is still not answered.

bovine :: 06-Sep-2003 17:00 CDT (Saturday) ::

There is a new Solaris-x86 client on the pre-release download page.

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