[plans] distributed.net .plan update

Plan Man plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Thu Jul 1 20:00:03 EDT 2004

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 01-Jul-2004 06:56 GMT (Thursday) ::

Just a networking status report to say that the IP address of the
statsbox was changed a couple hours ago, to accommodate for an ISP
change at the facility where it is hosted.  The DNS entries for it
have already been updated and most people should still be able to
access it at the usual http://stats.distributed.net/ without any
problems, but some people might still have problems for a few more
hours if your DNS servers are not honoring the TTL durations properly.

There is also currently a slight networking glitch that is causing
some backlog of the fullservers reaching the keymaster, but the
buffered nature of our fullserver network should minimize the impact
on any clients.  The problem is expected to be resolved within a
couple of hours and the backlog should catch up soon after.

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