[plans] distributed.net .plan update

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Mon Jun 28 20:00:04 EDT 2004

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 28-Jun-2004 08:48 GMT (Monday) ::

Two new release candidates have been made available on the pre-release
page for v2.9008.492: This includes a Mac OS X client with some
additional PPC OGR performance improvements.  There is also the first
native 64-bit Win64 client (you must have an AMD64 or Intel EM64T CPUs
running a beta release of "Windows 2003 for 64-bit extended systems").

I also thought I'd mention that we are approximately 90% done with the
OGRp2-24 already, including the verification pass.  (For the OGRp2-25
we are only a few percent done so far.)  We're still working on
getting some automated reporting of the OGRp2 percentages on the stats
webpages but have no ETA yet...

Also I'd like to remind everyone to consider looking around at any old
machines that you may have installed dnetc on prior to Dec 2002 and
upgrade them to a current client version.  That date was when the
RC5-72 project officially started, the v2.9000 clients were released,
and the *.v29.distributed.net DNS created.

Any client that is running a version released before v2.9 should no
longer be able to work on any of the current projects and is now idle
(or working on dummy work if it is a buggy v2.8010 client).  We will
be soon shutting down the *.v27.distributed.net DNS entries, since we
are still getting traffic from obsolete clients trying to find work.
All current clients should already be using the *.v29.distributed.net
DNS, so this should not impact clients or proxies that are working.

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