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Sat Mar 20 19:00:03 EST 2004

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decibel :: 19-Mar-2004 18:51 CST (Friday) ::

Blower suffered a drive failure today. The bad news is that it's refusing to
rebuild the raid array. The worse news is that a non-critical table in the
database has been corrupted.

We're in the process of ordering a replacement for blower. We don't have an ETA
for it yet.

For right now, I have web access turned off completely. If possible I'll be
turning web access back on, but disabling updates to data (ie: changing teams,
etc), because there's no way to know when that data might go poof.

Hopefully we'll be able to get replacement hardware soon. On the bright side,
we're looking at a dual Opteron machine with RAID10 for the database and RAID1
for the database logs, so the new box should really scream.

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