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Thu Mar 25 19:00:03 EST 2004

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nugget :: 24-Mar-2004 20:37 CST (Wednesday) ::

Thanks in part to user donations (including one VERY generous donation)
we're close to being able to order a new stats server.  After some
internal debate on the best approach, the current plan is to pick up a
dual opteron box and load it with memory and drives.  Traditionally,
statsbox has been i/o bound on disk and memory but not very demanding of
CPU.  An Opteron solution sounds like a good target platform for what we

I spent a lot of today borrowing a surrogate opteron box from Bovine to
validate that postgresql and freebsd 5.x are a viable platform.  I've also
confirmed with Doug White and Vinod Kashyap that 3Ware support
in FreeBSD 5.x is stable and reliable.  

We're also eager to move to a smaller sized case -- blower was in a
gigantic Dell 6400 series case which limited our options for alternative
colos if we ever decided to move servers around.  I think we can stuff
everything we need into a 3U chassis.

I've got a price quote that seems agreeable and I hope to place the order
tomorrow.  It's unlikely this will get us back online before next week,

I'll post more as the ordering+building+deployment progresses...

Thanks again everyone for your patience and understanding.

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