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Fri Mar 26 19:00:03 EST 2004

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nugget :: 25-Mar-2004 23:06 CST (Thursday) ::

Just to answer some questions...  Apologies for the acronym overload...

The old statsbox (aka "blower" or "statsbox3") was a quad xeon 450mhz
with 2GB RAM and Dell Perc RAID.  It had five SCSI disks configured in a
2xRAID1 3xRAID5 configuration.

The new statsbox has been ordered (as yet unnamed).  It will be:

  Dual Opteron 1.8GHz
  8X200GB SATA (Hotswap) on 3Ware 8506 RAID Controller
  3U Case
  No keyboard :)

The current plan is to split the 8 drives as:
  2xRAID1 + Hot Spare
  4xRAID10 + Hot Spare

We'll of course be staying with PostgreSQL and FreeBSD, although bumping
to FreeBSD 5.x for amd64 support.

I expect to get an ETA for delivery tomorrow (Friday 26-March UTC-6)

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