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Tue May 11 20:00:03 EDT 2004

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 11-May-2004 11:35 CDT (Tuesday) ::

As bovine mentioned in his .plan, we're ready to cut over to the second phase
of OGR. Starting at 00:00 GMT, stats credit will be given for OGR-P2 work and
not OGR-P1 work. Unfortunately we can't give credit for both at the same time,
so OGR-P2 work submitted today will not show up in stats.

decibel :: 11-May-2004 11:46 CDT (Tuesday) ::

Actually, I take back part of my last .plan. }:8)

I've figured out a way to give credit for OGR-P2 work that's been done so far.
It's a manual process though, so it will be a day or two before I can do it.

OGR-P1 work will no longer be credited after today though, since we should
be 100% finished with OGR-P1 by now (we'll know for certain after tonight's
OGR-verify run).

bovine :: 11-May-2004 22:31 GMT (Tuesday) ::

There were some back-logged RC5-72 blocks that had been slowly
accumulating on some of our fullservers.  Those blocks have been
pushed through and should be represented on today's stats.  The
flushing of the backlog has also created a noticeable surge in our
RC5-72 rate for today, so do not be alarmed.  You can see this in the
graphs at http://www1.distributed.net/~pstadt/rc5-72/

We are now slowing down (and soon halting) distribution of 
"OGR classic" stubs, in order to allow the outstanding workunits
to have an opportunity to be completed, returned, and counted.

We will probably halt "OGR classic" entirely and discontinue
acceptance of its results in a couple of days, so it is not
recommended that these remaining stubs be kept too long before
flushing (or you may not get credit for them).

As Decibel has mentioned, the OGRp2 stats will be combined with the
existing OGR project stats so you will not have to worry about losing
your current ranking placements.

decibel :: 11-May-2004 18:05 CDT (Tuesday) ::

For those wondering about what to do with existing clients since the client
version required for OGR-P2 is still in beta:

You can do nothing. Once we verify that OGR-P1 is complete we'll turn OGR off.
Clients will stop attempting to do OGR-P1 work when they connect. If RC5 is
enabled, the client will run RC5; if RC5 is disabled, the client will go idle.

You can download the beta client. Many people are already running it and so far
no bugs have been reported.

You can disable OGR in old clients. After today or tomorrow we will stop
accepting work from them anyway.

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