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Sun May 16 20:00:03 EDT 2004

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floppus :: 16-May-2004 01:45 GMT (Sunday) ::

OGR Phase 1 has been completed for both OGR-24 and OGR-25! From now on, OGR-P1
work will no longer be accepted and counted. Participants who have already done
OGR-P2 work will see their work done in the past few days credited soon.

Many thanks to all of you who have donated their CPU power to get us this far.
-but- The search isn't over!

New clients have been put online a few days ago that enable searching stubs
with leading marks of >= 70 which was not possible due to technical reasons
before. These clients are now available at http://www.distributed.net/download
To be able to participate in the second phase of OGR (OGR-P2) for both OGR-24
and OGR-25 it is required to install this new client.

Participants making use of personal proxies should also upgrade their proxies
(see download location mentioned above) to be able to provide their clients
with OGR-P2. Note that these proxies will not be able to connect to proxy
versions <341, even if it is for RC5.

Please help us in the continued search and install the new client today! For
more information about OGR in general, visit http://www.distributed.net/ogr

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