[plans] distributed.net .plan update

Plan Man plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Wed Oct 20 20:00:02 EDT 2004

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 20-Oct-2004 19:15 GMT (Wednesday) ::

There have been some minor website changes recently.  In an effort to
consolidate access to statistical information and graphs, the
http://www.distributed.net/statistics/ pages are now available as a
new "Keyrate History" link at the top menu bar of all stats pages:
http://stats.distributed.net/keyrate.php?project_id=8 Some other
relocation of pages has also been done, see:

Additionally the automated help at distributed.net responder has been
revised with more readable instructions in the auto-responder, and a
new web-based contact form exists to simplify sending help requests:

There have been reports of a new Trojan horse going around named
"Sims2 Crack.exe", which secretly deploys dnetc on Win32 machines.  As
we investigate the matter further and discover more details, they will
be posted at http://www.distributed.net/trojans.php

Additionally, there are a few new pre-release clients available for
testing on http://www1.distributed.net/download/prerelease.php
including a long-awaited update to the NetWare client.  (There will
probably be a movement of many of the current pre-release clients to
the formal release page in the next few days.  Another announcement
will be made when that is done.)

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