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Fri Nov 18 19:00:03 EST 2005

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decibel :: 18-Nov-2005 17:09 CST (Friday) ::

Can someone tell me what's wrong with this picture?

decibel at fritz.1[16:52]~:60>sha1 fritz-20051002.sql.bz2
SHA1 (fritz-20051002.sql.bz2) = 6b3bb0796f7025fc243b2bfe8e9ec8b2c661045b
decibel at fritz.1[16:55]~:61>sha1 fritz-20051002.sql.bz2
SHA1 (fritz-20051002.sql.bz2) = c012f152f05d5e33a88e027948d5e267e7003e2b
decibel at fritz.1[17:01]~:62>

In a nutshell; fritz is throwing random errors when reading from either drive
array. Obviously not a feature one looks for in a database server. I suspect
it's the 3ware controller, but we'll need to do more testing to find out.

The machine is also being moved this weekend, probably on Sunday. Between the
hardware issues and the move, people probably shouldn't expect stats to be back
up until next week at the earliest.

Also, stats were inadvertently turned back on last night. Unfortunately, any
modifications that were made last night will be lost. So, for example, if you
created a team, or changed some of your participant information last night,
that will be gone when we come back.

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