[plans] distributed.net .plan update

Plan Man plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Sat Dec 2 19:00:04 EST 2006

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 02-Dec-2006 21:04 GMT (Saturday) ::

Our fullserver in Australia, proxy1.bris.qld.au.proxy.distributed.net,
has changed IP addresses and the server that was running at the old
address will be shut down in a few days.  If you have not hard-coded
IP addresses into your config files, then you should be fine and
unaffected by this address change.

Also worth noting: earlier this week on Thursday, our keymaster server
was relocated to a new physical location.  This planned move took only
a couple hours and was completed successfully without impacting
operations, due to the fully buffered nature of our proxy network.
The only effect was a brief gap in our keyrate graphing during the
time, and a surge once the keymaster was restarted.

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