[plans] distributed.net .plan update

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Wed Jan 4 19:00:04 EST 2006

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

snikkel :: 04-Jan-2006 17:25 GMT (Wednesday) ::

Several new v2.9012-497 release candidates for x86 have been added to the
pre-release page. Eager users interested in helping provide test coverage
and report any issues for these new sets of clients can download them from:

Please report any issues by filing at bug at http://bugs.distributed.net/

Included with client version 2.9012-497 is an exciting speed improvement for
OGR. A brand new MMX OGR core has been added that is substantially faster on
most chips. P4 chips especially gain ~40% over the previous cores, and ~150%
gain over the GARSP 6.0 cores.

Since there are dramatic speed differences with these new clients,
we welcome users to report new benchmarks to our speed database at

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