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Fri Jan 13 19:00:04 EST 2006

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decibel :: 13-Jan-2006 11:39 CST (Friday) ::

Fritz has been successfully moved to it's new home. Since we wanted to minimize
downtime, we used a fast transport protocol (http://lnk.nu/decibel.org/7m1.jpg).
Luckily, the MTU on this protocol was plenty large to allow transporting fritz
without the need to fragment it (http://lnk.nu/decibel.org/7m2.jpg). It's
doubtful that other transport protocols could have handled this

In any case, thanks again to http://midasnetworks.com for providing fritz with
a home in Austin!

decibel :: 13-Jan-2006 11:58 CST (Friday) ::

Ok, firefox is out-foxing me I guess...

If I enter http://midasnetworks.com/ into the URL field, it pulls the website
up just fine. But clicking on that link is actually broken. Wee.

Anyway, working url is http://www.midasnetworks.com/

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