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decio :: 07-Aug-2007 08:54 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Dear friends,

The PlayStation 3 is here. Perhaps you know somebody running Folding at Home  
on theirs? We couldn't sit idle. Our crack team of programmers has ported 
dnetc to the PlayStation 3 platform, complete with optimized RC5-72       
assembly code for record-breaking speed.                                  

We really mean it: we have measured the PlayStation 3 processing RC5-72
work units at close to 170 Mkeys/sec, easily making this the fastest
hardware platform our client has been ported to.  This is more than 22    
times faster than a computer with a Pentium 4 processor running at the    
same clock speed as the PS3's Cell processor. Although OGR is enabled on  
this build, work on optimized OGR cores is in progress; expect a          
suboptimal rate of about 17 Mnodes/sec if you choose to run OGR.          

You are welcome to download this pre-release client from our web site at  
http://www.distributed.net/download/prerelease.php. Please note that this
client expires in 2 weeks, when we plan to release a new version including
optimized OGR cores.                                                      

We thank you for your continuing support. Moo! ]:8)

chipper :: 07-Aug-2007 22:19 GMT (Tuesday) ::

lists.0.net will be down for maintenance starting at 6:30PM EDT
and returning to service before midnight EDT.


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