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Mon Aug 20 20:00:04 EDT 2007

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decio :: 20-Aug-2007 16:37 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

A few hours ago, the beta Playstation 3 clients expired. We apologize for
not releasing an update earlier; we're making up for it by including in   
this new version optimized OGR cores for the SPE co-processors in the     
PlayStation 3, achieving a rate of 35.5 Mnodes/s for each SPE, for a total
node rate (including the PPE core) of 230+ Mnodes/s. We also fixed a bug   
which caused one of the crunchers to silently stop running until the      
client is restarted, so expect to see improved keyrates for RC5-72 as     

We'd like to mention that during the past two weeks of beta testing the
PlayStation 3 has been climbing steadily in our statistics, and currently
stands as the 4th largest CPU architecture in RC5-72, as measured by daily
and 8th overall                                                           

The pre-release client is available for download from our web site at     
<http://www.distributed.net/download/prerelease.php>. Once again, we have 
set an expiration date of 2 weeks for this beta, after which we plan to
ship an official version if all goes well.                                

We thank you for your continuing support. Moo! ]:8)

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