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bovine :: 30-Sep-2008 16:22 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Dear friends,

As you know, we are drawing to the conclusion of the OGR-25p2 project,
with less than 1% remaining and we estimate project completion
sometime within the next month. You can view the latest OGR-25p2
project percentages here:

We have noted that a significant amount of work is not being counted,
due to being held out of the system for a long time and completed by
other users before it is returned. In some cases, it is returned even
after stubspaces have been closed. At the current stage of the
project, a workunit which isn't returned within two weeks of being
issued will have a high chance of being recycled and processed by
somebody else. This duplicated workunit will still be credited in
personal stats, but it won't have any value to the project.

One of the stubspaces currently open will take only two days of
concerted effort to close off. If we are to calculate at full
effectiveness, it is vital that work is completed and returned in a
timely fashion.

If your computer has a connection to our key servers or a local proxy
server, we recommend that you keep your client set to the default
buffer settings to avoid buffering an excessive amount of workunits.

Additionally, if your client is configured to participate in only
OGR-P2, we encourage you to consider enabling your clients to
participate in both OGR-P2 and RC5-72. Over the next few weeks, we
anticipate there being occasional periods of time when there will not
be any OGR-P2 workunits available, due to the recycle delays and
timeout periods. By enabling your clients to also process RC5-72, you
will ensure that your computers will not go completely idle during
these periods.

Finally, we would like to mention that we are currently finalizing a
next-generation OGR project that will further the exploration into
even higher-order Optimal Golomb Rulers. Stay tuned for more details

We would like to thank you for your continued support and your ongoing
efforts to help us.

Moo! ]:8) 

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