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mikereed :: 12-Jan-2009 22:57 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that we passed 50% of OGR-26 completion on January
4, 2009. We thank you for your help in reaching this milestone.

We have just promoted a new set of clients from the pre-release page to the
official release page. These include clients with a faster OGR core which takes
advantage of MMX instructions for a 30% speedup. As usual, you can find them
at: http://www.distributed.net/download/clients.php

The list of updated platforms includes:

* Linux [ARM/ELF]  	v2.9102.508
* Linux [ARM/eabi]  v2.9102.508
* Linux [CellBE]  	v2.9102.508b
* FreeBSD [7.x/x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* FreeBSD [6.x/x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* FreeBSD [4.x/x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* NetBSD [x86]  	    v2.9102.508
* NetBSD [MIPSEL/ELF]   v2.9102.508
* OpenBSD [x86/ELF]     v2.9102.508
* OS/2 [x86] v2.9102.508
* PC-DOS, MS-DOS [x86] v2.9102.508
* Windows 32bit [x86/Zipped] v2.9102.508b
* Windows 32bit [x86/Installer] v2.9102.508b
* Solaris/SunOS [x86] v2.9102.508
* BeOS [Haiku/x86] v2.9102.508
* BeOS [x86] v2.9102.508
* Acorn RISC OS [ARM] v2.9102.508

Our work on clients for graphics cards is continuing. Our CUDA client for
nVidia cards is in public beta testing, while a core for new ATI cards is due
to enter closed testing shortly.

We also have new clients in public beta testing. You should only run these if
you have the time and inclination to monitor them regularly, as they may be
removed at short notice.

* Mac OS X/Darwin [x86]  	v2.9103.509
* Mac OS X/Darwin [PPC]  	v2.9103.509 
* Linux [ARM/ELF]	v2.9103.509
* Linux [ARM/eabi]  v2.9103.509
* Acorn RISC OS [ARM]  	v2.9103.509

Moo! ]:8)

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