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Thu Oct 29 20:00:03 EDT 2009

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bovine :: 29-Oct-2009 20:46 GMT (Thursday) ::

Our statsbox should be back online and the hardware upgrade is
complete.  No work was lost while it was offline, and it has fully
caught up with the backlog.

For those who are interested in the details: It had a failing
redundant power unit and the closest replacement I could find was a
used power supply designed for a larger 4U case from the same
manufacturer on eBay.  Although I couldn't use the whole power supply,
I believed I could use its newer revision power units if I swapped the
power connectors and faceplates from the failed unit and jumpered an
unnecessary switch connection.  Fortunately this worked.  I also took
the opportunity replace to a failing case fan, re-seat all power and 
drive cables, do a burn in, and upgrade its FreeBSD from 6.2-PRE to
6.4-STABLE.  Maybe we'll move to 7.2 sometime!

Thanks for your patience and continued support! ]:8)

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