[plans] distributed.net blog update

Jeff Lawson plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Sun Jun 27 19:05:00 EDT 2010

distributed.net blog updates in the last 24 hours:


bovine :: 27-Jun-2010 04:44 UTC (Sunday) ::

We just put our new website infrastructure online a few minutes ago, so you should be able to see it at http://www.distributed.net/ (or possibly once your DNS cache refreshes).

Just like our new blogging system announced last month, the goal of this upgrade was to clean up some of our back-end infrastructure and simplify content updating for us.  We’re also preparing to decommission the old server hardware used by our old website, so this was a good opportunity to do it.

This has been a pretty complex migration due to the mix of technologies, pages variations, and supported language translations but almost all of our old URLs should continue to load without disruption.  We’re now running MediaWiki with a custom skin and a custom language extension so that we can provide the same experience as the old website. In fact, unless you look carefully you may not even notice any differences!

There will be some more website updates over the next few weeks, so look forward for more announcements soon.


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