[plans] distributed.net blog update

Jeff Lawson plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Mon Jun 28 19:07:23 EDT 2010

distributed.net blog updates in the last 24 hours:


mikereed :: 28-Jun-2010 13:18 UTC (Monday) ::

Howdy folks,

We’ve just transferred some new clients from the pre-release page to the

official release page: Download Clients

Solaris/SunOS [x86]

OpenBSD [x86/ELF]


OpenBSD [Sparc64]

NetBSD [Sparc64/ELF]

FreeBSD [7.x/x86/ELF]

FreeBSD [8.x/sparc64]

FreeBSD [6.x/x86/ELF]

Linux [x86/CUDA-2.2]

Linux [AMD64/CUDA-2.2]

Linux [x86/Stream]

Linux [CellBE]

Linux [AMD64/ELF]

Linux [x86/ELF/uclibc]

OS/2 [x86]

Mac OS X/Darwin [x86/CUDA-2.2]

PC-DOS, MS-DOS [x86]

Windows 64bit [AMD64]

Windows 32bit [x86/CUDA-2.2]

Windows 32bit [x86/Zipped]

Windows 32bit [x86/Installer]

Windows 32bit [x86/Stream] 


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