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Charlie Root plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Sat May 8 02:55:22 EDT 2010

distributed.net blog updates in the last 24 hours:


chrisj :: 12-Mar-2010 10:48 UTC (Friday) ::

:: 12-Mar-2010 10:48 GMT (Friday) ::

Hi All,

Stats is back online and caught up. The dns record for stats.distributed.net

has been updated and will take effect within the next few hours.

At present, stats is operating in a read-only mode while we perform some

consistency checks. This means that any changes to teams, participant

information, etc is currently unavailable.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience. Moo!  


mikereed :: 10-Mar-2010 00:28 UTC (Wednesday) ::

:: 10-Mar-2010 00:28 GMT (Wednesday) ::

Our stats system is down while we attend to some unscheduled maintenance. We

hope to have it back online shortly.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!  


bovine :: 19-Feb-2010 23:58 UTC (Friday) ::

:: 19-Feb-2010 23:58 GMT (Friday) ::

Stats will be a little delayed today and will likely be a little low

because we are currently processing some backlog that occurred today

due to a system outage.  Tomorrow’s stats should have the delayed

results.  Moo!  


bovine :: 24-Jan-2010 06:17 UTC (Sunday) ::

:: 24-Jan-2010 06:17 GMT (Sunday) ::

We’re having some connectivity issues with our keymaster server, so

our proxy network is currently holding all submitted results until

connectivity is restored.  As a result, stats did not run last night.

We hope to get things back in operational order soon.  Thanks!


chrisj :: 16-Jan-2010 16:01 UTC (Saturday) ::

:: 16-Jan-2010 16:01 GMT (Saturday) ::

Hi All,

Some of you may have received an email from stats indicating your password was

retrieved by googlebot:

you (or “crawl-66-249-68-177.googlebot.com” []) recently

requested the password for your distributed.net stats account.

This was a side effect of the temporary placeholder page put in place whilst

fritz (statsbox) was offline. Your password has not been disclosed to anyone

but you.

For now, I’ve blocked googlebot from accessing stats, until our robots.txt file

takes effect again.



bovine :: 15-Jan-2010 20:50 UTC (Friday) ::

:: 15-Jan-2010 20:50 GMT (Friday) ::

Statsbox is back online.  We used some of the downtime to thoroughly

upgrade the OS, software payload, RAID firmware, and add some more

RAM.  Thanks for your patience!


chrisj ::  9-Jan-2010 23:30 UTC (Saturday) ::

:: 09-Jan-2010 23:30 GMT (Saturday) ::

It looks like fritz (statsbox) is experiencing some residual issues following

the problems within our provider earlier.

We’re working to resolve this as soon as possible. All work submitted will be

credited when stats is brought back online.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience. Moo!  


bovine ::  9-Jan-2010 01:46 UTC (Saturday) ::

:: 09-Jan-2010 01:46 GMT (Saturday) ::

There are currently some network connectivity issues to the ISP where

our stats server is hosted.  Until our provider’s connectivity is

restored to normal operations, the accessibility of our statistics

server may be impacted.  Thanks for your patience!  


chrisj ::  1-Jan-2010 21:43 UTC (Friday) ::

:: 01-Jan-2010 21:43 GMT (Friday) ::

On behalf of everyone at distributed.net, welcome to 2010.

Happy Moo Year  


bovine :: 30-Nov-2009 07:34 UTC (Monday) ::

:: 30-Nov-2009 07:34 GMT (Monday) ::

Happy Cyber Monday!  If you’re planning on doing a little holiday
shopping, why not consider helping distributed.net by signing up at
iGive?  Once you sign up through the following link, supported online
retailers will donate a small percentage of your purchase price to us
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