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Mon Apr 11 19:05:01 EDT 2011

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Mike Reed :: 11-Apr-2011 15:12 UTC (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that we have recently identified and fixed some
bugs in our OGR client codebase. One of them causes the client to skip part
of a packet in very rare cases. It can happen only in OGR-27 and above, so
previous projects were not affected. Fixes are included in our updated
client, v2.9109.518.

Due to the severity of this bug, we decided to change the rules for stub
verification. Now not only two returned results must have the same node
count, but also at least one of the results must be returned by a fixed
(.518) client. Thus we will be sure that no rulers were skipped. Since we
have not started the second pass of OGR-27.4 yet, this is an ideal time to
introduce a validation change like this.

We’re asking you to update all of your systems to the fixed client,
v2.9109.518, as soon as possible. Results sent from older clients will
still be accepted and counted in stats. Updating to the latest client will
help us to complete the project faster.

The updated client also recognizes the new Intel Core i3 and AMD Phenom
processors, which are becoming increasingly popular among budget-conscious

You can download the updated client for all major platforms at:

We thank you for your continued participation in this ground-breaking


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