[RC5-PROXYPER] Trimming log-files...

Dirk Kuypers dk at comnets.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Dec 4 09:13:50 EST 1997


I am just wondering how I could trim my log-files...

I thought something like this should work:

tail nohup.out > test-file
cat test-file > nohup.out

(I am on solaris 2.6 here, bash is 2.01 I think)

If I do this, the nohup-file is only ten lines long, as I would expect. 
But when the proxy puts his next few lines to STDOUT, the file is again 
13 MB big. Is this a 'feature' of starting a program with nohup, or am I 
thinking in a wrong direction?

I would like to have a cron-job every night tailing this file 
automatically. The only possibility I used yet was killing the proxy, 
remove the file and start it again...

  Dirk Kuypers                  ComNets - RWTH Aachen

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