[RC5-PROXYPER] Trimming log-files...

Tom Hutchison tomhutch at oregontrail.net
Thu Dec 4 06:59:28 EST 1997

I use a utility that was developed by RedHat Software and comes with
their Linux distributions called Logrotate.  Every night it starts a new
log file and rolls the previous one over a configurable number of
times.  If you are interested, I could see if I have the source code for
it.  You might be able to compile it for Solaris.

Dirk Kuypers wrote:

> I am just wondering how I could trim my log-files...
> I thought something like this should work:

> I would like to have a cron-job every night tailing this file
> automatically. The only possibility I used yet was killing the proxy,
> remove the file and start it again...

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