[RC5-PROXYPER] problems with rc5 proxyper

Lieven Marchand mal at bewoner.dma.be
Mon Dec 8 12:59:51 EST 1997


I don't know whether this is the appropriate list, but I'm having severe
problems with the personal proxy. 

My configuration is this: I have a Linux pc that is connected to the net
via ISP dialup. This pc is also connected with a development Ultrasparc
via a hub. On our network, that is not accessible to the PC and vice
versa are 35 Sparc/UltraSparc systems I would like to put to work. I
thought using the following config. rc5-proxyper on the linux connected
to the proxys on the net. Then a proxy on the development sparc for the
other clients to use which would get its block from the linux. To test
this I ran the client on the linux with localhost as proxy and on the
development sparc with the linuxpc as proxy. 

As long as the dialup connection to the Internet is on, the proxy
responds to queries. When it is down, it keeps running, giving nothing
at all as complaint, but the clients cannot connect. (Not even on the

I give some logging output below. Do I need to start truss/strace or
does anybody have an idea about this?

[12/08/97 03:12:19 GMT] Status: Slot 0 LISTENING
[12/08/97 03:12:19 GMT] Status: Slot 1 LISTENING [test]
[12/08/97 03:12:19 GMT] Status: Slot 2 idle 7200 ip
[12/08/97 03:12:19 GMT] Status: Slot 3 idle   0 ip
[12/08/97 05:12:19 GMT] Error locating host rc5proxy.distributed.net
[12/08/97 05:12:19 GMT] Closing timed-out idle connection
[12/08/97 05:12:19 GMT] ready=769/800, done=60, avgrate=0.2 Mkeys/sec
Client on localhost:
[12/08/97 05:54:14 GMT] Completed block 6478044D:10000000 (268435456
                        00:33:19.52 - [134249.76 keys/sec]
Network::Error Read failed 23/0
Network::Error Read failed 3/0
PutBuffer Error
[12/08/97 05:56:16 GMT] Block: 6478044A:30000000 being processed
[12/08/97 05:56:16 GMT] 10 Blocks remain in file ./buff-in.rc5
[12/08/97 05:56:16 GMT] 89 Blocks are in file ./buff-out.rc5
[12/08/97 05:56:16 GMT] Total: 113 blocks 67:25:32.39 - [124068.17
[12/08/97 06:29:38 GMT] Completed block 6478044A:30000000 (268435456
                        00:33:22.52 - [134048.66 keys/sec]
Network::Error Read failed 23/0
Network::Error Read failed 3/0
PutBuffer Error
[12/08/97 06:31:40 GMT] Block: 647803A7:21000000 being processed
[12/08/97 06:31:40 GMT] 9 Blocks remain in file ./buff-in.rc5
[12/08/97 06:31:40 GMT] 90 Blocks are in file ./buff-out.rc5
[12/08/97 06:31:40 GMT] Total: 114 blocks 68:00:56.44 - [124088.22

client on remote:

[12/08/97 06:27:12 GMT] 0 Blocks remain in file ./buff-in.rc5
[12/08/97 06:27:12 GMT] 104 Blocks are in file ./buff-out.rc5
[12/08/97 06:27:12 GMT] Total: 127 blocks 67:05:10.96 - [139897.95
[12/08/97 06:55:48 GMT] Completed block 64E7DB3E:A0000000 (268435456
                        00:28:36.69 - [156367.96 keys/sec]
Network::Error Read failed 23/0
Network::Error Read failed 3/0
PutBuffer Error
Network::Error Read failed 3/0
Network::Error Read failed 23/0
Unable to fetch more blocks, generating random block.
Please look into correcting your network problems as soon as possible.

I also have to add that the proxy sometimes gives an error:
select: interrupted system call

Lieven Marchand
mal at bewoner.dma.be
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