[RC5-PROXYPER] BSDI PProxy Download Limit

Charles W. Hubbard chubbard at owt.com
Sat Dec 13 08:50:10 EST 1997


I've sent the following to rc5help at distributed.net a couple of times (as
per the instructions on the pproxy help page) but have never gotten a
response.  I was hoping some pproxy development type might see it if I
posted it here.  Anyway...

My team is running the BSDI pproxy through which all members fetch and
flush keys.  This allows us to use the log files to generate an
independent set of stats pages for the team.  So far this has been
working fine but recently we have added several members that have very
fast machines but only have modem connections.  Their machines can
easily crunch through 2-300 blocks a day.  Because of the built-in 50
block download limit they are forced to either connect to the net
several times a day (impractical, especially over night) or request
manual fetches over and over to build up their in-buff.  Some of these
machines are operated by people who have little or no interest in the
contest itself but run the client merely as a favor to a friend.  For
these people doing manual block requests (or manual anything really) is
more that they are willing to do.  It would help us alot if the 50 block
restriction could be removed.  I understand the Win95/NT pproxies
already have no limit.  Perhaps you could make it a user configurable
option?  A new BSDI pproxy version with the restriction increased or
removed would really, really be appreciated.  Any chance it'll happen?


Charlie Hubbard
Tri-Cities RC5-64 Community Cracking Effort
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