[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy log files owned by root?

Chucky Burnett chucky at project-eva.org
Thu Dec 18 17:21:06 EST 1997

:...and obviously it can't write to it ("rc5" doesn't have write permission
:for the root group).  How do I control the owner and permissions of the new
:log files?  The .INI file doesn't seem to have any settings.
:BTW, this only seems to happen when it automatically rolls over to the next
:day.  If I stop the proxy server, delete the old log file owned by root,
:then restart the proxy server, the new one is owned by rc5.rc5 which is
:exactly what I want.

    It sounds as if you are loading it in a rc file... I run a Linux proxy also, and had this problem when loading it in
/etc/rc.d/rc.local... that is, the "current" file is owned by the rc5 user because you *manually* started it... but then when you
reboot, root runs it... everything goes fine until the next day when it actually has to create a file, then you stop and start it
again, etc... and there is the problem.

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