[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy log files owned by root?

Slim slim at ipapilot.org
Thu Dec 18 19:30:30 EST 1997

When you start the proxy, are you logged in as root, or is it started by a
startup script that runs as root? If it's not being started by root and
it's not running setuid as root, I don't see how it can create files that
are owned by root.

Then again if it is running as root, it should be able to write to any
file it likes. Are you starting it as root and running it setuid as rc5?

Chris Johnson

>Am I the only person seeing this problem?  It's a really quite annoying.
>I'm running a personal proxy server under Linux ("Bovine RC5 Personal
>for UNIX (Build 251)").  There's an rc5 user account and it's running
>that.  Each day when a new log file gets started, the proxy creates a
>that looks like this:
>-rw-rw-r--   1 root     root            0 Dec 11 16:01 keys_1212.log
>...and obviously it can't write to it ("rc5" doesn't have write
>for the root group).  How do I control the owner and permissions of the
>log files?  The .INI file doesn't seem to have any settings.
>BTW, this only seems to happen when it automatically rolls over to the
>day.  If I stop the proxy server, delete the old log file owned by root,
>then restart the proxy server, the new one is owned by rc5.rc5 which is
>exactly what I want.
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