[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy log files owned by root?

David Kelly dkelly at hiwaay.net
Thu Dec 18 22:10:55 EST 1997

Under many Unices one can create a file, and as long as you can still
write it, you can give it to anyone else. Without their permission or 

Mike Benna writes:
> The proxy isn't started from a script or as root.  Here's what I do to start
> it:
> 1) Log into the console as 'rc5'

At this point, type "id" and tell us what numberic user ID your rc5 
account has. Any chance its 0? Probably not else you wouldn't have 
problems rotating the file.

I don't have the problem you mention under FreeBSD. My .ini simply 
lists "log" as the logfile. Was surprised to see it create logXXXX.log 
files, but "aw heck, that's good enough".

You appear to be using "../logs/keys_" as the logfile entry in .ini? 
What if you deleted the directory part. Then let cron move the files 
out later? That's what I do. I let the current log file and the prior 
one lay around a day or so while they are most interesting. Then about 
an hour before rc5proxy rotates I move and gzip the old one. I almost 
always have two log files in my rc5proxy directory.

"date +%m%d" is your friend for this kind of moving. Needs to be spelled
`date +\%m\%d` to be used to construct filenames in a crontab.

If Linux supports it (FreeBSD does) the option "-v-1d" may be useful 
to output yesterday's date.

David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly at nospam.hiwaay.net
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