[RC5-PROXYPER] Wanted: ProxyPer for DEC OSF/1

Charles W. Hubbard chubbard at owt.com
Fri Dec 19 19:58:15 EST 1997

Robert Dobozy wrote:
> Hi Personal proxy developers & others,
> I asked for personal proxy for Digital Unix (and for statically linked
> client) 6 weeks ago at rc5help at ..... No answer :-( . Statically linked
> client version was released, but personal proxy not.

Hi Rob,

I can't help you with your specific problem but I can suggest you try
another post to rc5help.  They aren't particularly responsive
unfortunately.  I finally got my pproxy question answered but it took a
few weeks and I had to repost it 6 times.

Good luck.

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